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Monday 21st 2018f May 2018

 Sean Connery Autograph on St Andrews Old Course Scorecard , order no. 11813

Autograph, 3x6


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a wonderful ono-off Piece! 3x6 (unfolded) original vintage St. Andrews Old Course scorecard. The most famous Golf Club in the world! In-Person signed by Sir Sean Connery many years ago with Crystal clear signing history and full signing Story from my vendor who met Sean in-person: "It was 1997 and Princess Diana had just died and her funeral was the previous Saturday 06.09.97 ! I believe the signature was obtained on Monday 08.09.97 possibly Tuesday 09.09.97 At the time Scotland was undergoing devolution and I was on holiday in Scotland and as a keen golfer wanted to play The Old Course at St Andrews but it was not possible as there was an R&A tournament taking place, hence I walked the course with my partner and young daughter in a push chair. Upon reaching the eighteenth hole ( the Road Hole overseen by Tom Morris's shop) my partner viewed somebody she thought she knew in a car, 'sandwiched' in between other cars, his was a metallic red VauxhallVectra, presumably a hire car as there was no Aston Martin to be seen anywhere. My response was, Do not be daft we are hundreds of miles from home but approaching the car it became clear we both knew the agitated driver as Sean Connery. I assisted him getting out of the 'car sandwich' and asked him to sign the Old Course scorecard to which he kindly obliged. He then asked me if I would like a round later that afternoon as I was wearing Golfing knitwear to which I replied that I had to be in Pitlochry by 17.00 hours hence turning down a round of golf with James Bond ! What an idiot ! Why I mention devolution is that when I mentioned that I had met Sean Connery, natives said, typical of him, living in Spain all year round and coming back when we have this, hence he was not that popular with the residents." Crystal clear signing details and a funny history Story! MEANWHILE CONNERY HAS BECOME TOUGH TO GET AS HE IS NO MORE OFTEN SEEN IN PUBLIC.

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